Where am I going in India?


I am going to the small university suburb of Udupi in Karnataka called Manipal, which houses Manipal University (MU). It is a premier private university known throughout India and around the world (with students from 52 countries!) for its strong medical college and health science programs. MU’s campus is modern, with state-of-the-art (and air-conditioned) facilities including numerous colleges and institutes, classrooms, libraries, student hostels, food courts, athletic fields and swimming pools, and a brand new indoor sports complex!

Manipal Photos


Just five miles from the Arabian Sea, it is surrounded by lush backwaters and away from the hustle, bustle, and pollution (no cigarette pollution getting into these asthma-prone lungs!) of India’s megacities. I am studying in a rural and tropical location that is known for the tea, coffee, cashew, fishing and silk industries.

MU provides regular (life risking, oh wait that’s just characteristic of all public transportation) bus service to Mangalore, the nearest large city, that houses an international airport with access to most of India’s major cities. Manipal is four hours south of Goa, and only a few miles inland from neighboring Udupi.

Here’s a short video that gives you a preview of the great traffic laws enforced in India. Don’t worry, I’ll upload my own first-hand account once I take it.


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