Re-Entry Questions

When I think of going home I feel…
Anxious. Going home is one step closer to dealing with life after graduation. I also feel sad about leaving India, and moving on from this chapter in my life.

I would love to bring home…
The vibrancy of colors and sounds
The people I’ve met and made friendships and relationships with
The rickshaws – easy travel!
Indian Standard Time (IST) – everything is so “casual,” or well at least there is much less of a sense of urgency here, the urgency that pushes life in the United States to a frantic pace.
The maids who cleaned my room and bathroom

I will be happy to leave behind…
Lack of traffic regulation – well people following the regulations
Sticking out as a foreigner – just because I’m foreign doesn’t mean that I’m made of money
Bucket baths
Hard beds

To remember India, I plan to…
Drink lots of chai tea, but not put honey in my tea (according to our Ayurveda class this is a big “no-no”)
Stretch more – using YOGA! (I can’t say I’ll do it daily, but I’ll try to do it often)
Practice patience (as learned by IST)
Use the word “bunk” when talking about anybody choosing to skip school.
Make an album of my favorite pictures – so I can look at them and remember the good times

I expect that the most difficult part of returning home will be…
Not being bored, discontent or antsy. I traveled and explored almost every time I had a free moment.

My family will notice I’ve changed because…
I nod my head by shaking it to the side. I incorporate more Bollywood-esque dance moves, when dancing. I am more confident. I’m more picky and restrained in what I eat (portions in the US are much larger than portions have been abroad). I’m going to try to de-clutter my life.

The most important thing that I’ve learned about myself is…
I’ve learned that I don’t need as much to live, and live happily. Happiness is found in relationships with people. While I’ve thought of myself as a loner, who can be content doing things alone. I need those relationships with people in order to really be happy.

As a result of my experience abroad I plan to…
Make a big effort in maintaining my relationships with the people I’ve met. Explore more into public health, and follow public health news more ardently. Use my experience that I’ve had in India to grow as a person.

The easiest part of returning home will be…
Knowing how everything works, and how to do everything. Being able to text and make phone calls without worrying about recharging my phone or the balance.

The first things I will do at home are…
Give my family a big hug. Eat a big fresh salad. Take a bubble bath.

I am most concerned about…
All of my flights connecting properly and actually arriving home. Also trying to get through customs with my bag of souvenirs.

I am most excited to see…
Definitely my family, but also my second family – my friends at home and at school. I’m also excited to see the puppy and kitty and give them a big hug and kiss.

My favorite image of living abroad has been…
The embellishment put on so many everyday things – shops, cars, and clothing.


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