When I came to India, there was much concern about culture shock, now the emphasis is reverse culture shock. To help mitigate this, the following two pages are dedicated to my reflection on Reverse Culture Shock.

Re-Entry Questions

Tips for Reverse Culture Shock

A friend of mine wrote this poem to express how they felt about India. I think its beautiful.

India is a country of many flavours, patterns, thoughts and tastes…where life exists in split ends. Well, India is not just a country, India is an experience, India is faith, India is an idea, India is imagination, India is a belief, and above all…India is devotion.

India is a country of limitless dreams and unbounded emotions. For us, life is a celebration, religion is a way of living and family is the essence of life. We all have something in common, we love, we hate, we struggle, we hope, we change, we adapt, we divide, we strive, we prepare, we stare and we care, each and every day we dare. Life is a blend of many fragrances, we like some we hate some. Life teaches us many lessons; we learn some we forget some. Life gives us many opportunities; we catch some, we drop some. Life gives us many presents; we unwrap some, we reject some. Life gives us many ways; we travel some, we avoid some.

Every day we end up living two lives, and both are polar opposites, we live in anticipation and certainty, among faith and fear, between truth and lies.
Every day we end up living someone else’s life, we live for parents and children, boss and friends, salary and charity.

Every day life is full to the point of spilling over, all parts mixing into an elixir – an elixir that breathes life into India.

India is contrast. India is immensity. In India life survives in innumerable parts. Where some cultures have failed, India survives.

More than survives, India flourishes.


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