Last week our study abroad celebrated Halloween in typical American fashion, dressing up and hanging out with friends. Halloween celebrations have definitely been on the rise in recent years in India, though not to the same extent as in the US. It was strange not to see the pumpkins, witches, spiderwebs and hay decorating all … Continue reading

Koppa: Tea Time at Upasi

The morning after Halloween (which was a Wednesday this year) was a holiday so we headed over to Koppa to visit the Upasi Tea and Research Foundation! We drove in the bus down the familiar highway, past the Agumbe Rainforest…it was about a two and a half to three hour drive (but I slept the … Continue reading

Manipal: Dandiya Dancing the Night Away!

After returning from the Rainforest it was time to get ready for festival on KMC greens. I walked by and saw a huge tented an gated structure, and it only reinforced the desire and the excitement for Dhol Baje later that evening. I got ready and in typical Indian fashion (oh no, it’s starting to catch … Continue reading

Agumbe: Diversity Conserved

This past Saturday we visited the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station. After a winding path up the mountains (in the same direction we went to Jog Falls), and a hidden bumpy narrow path, we finally found the research station tucked away in the forest. While the rainforest covers only 6% of the landmass of India in … Continue reading

Deepak Common: The Hanging Bridge

This past Wednesday I visited “the hanging bridge” with two of my friends. This hanging bridge, built in 1991, rests over the Manipal Delta and connects two villages – Padukudru to Thimmannakudru. It was quite the adventure to find, and we even ran into the ocean before we came to the bridge. We were able … Continue reading

Udupi: Best Wishes for a Married Couple

Last Monday one of our teaching assistant’s  cousins had a wedding right here in Udupi! She was so nice and invited us to come and be guests at the wedding. Well if you’ve been to a Christian marriage ceremony, this was nothing like that. We ordered a taxi and left to arrive at the Hotel … Continue reading

Udupi: Pasteurization in Process

Two Friday’s ago our weekly field visit took us to a pasteurization plant! Milk is an essential part of the diet, but contaminated milk can be a vector of disease. We toured the plant (but couldn’t take pictures of the process line), which is only about 20 minutes away from Manipal University. The plant runs continuously with … Continue reading

Manipal: Learning Classical Bharatanatyam

Friday marked the start of my Baratanatyam dance training…well twice a week for the next month and a half. Actual dancers will train for 14 to 15 years to complete dance training. I’m very excited to finally be taking a classical dance class and paired with yoga, my body is certainly getting a good workout … Continue reading

St. Mary’s Islands: A Geological Wonder

Last Sunday I took a trip with some friends to the Saint Mary’s Islands (known as Coconut Island and Thonsepar) off the coast of Malpe Beach. We caught a boat leaving from the beach for Rs. 150 round-trip and ambled around the island for an hour, before heading back. According to folk legend, it was here … Continue reading

Malpe Fishing Industry: Fishing for Export

This past Saturday we took a trip to the Malpe fishing docks to catch a glimpse at the fishing industry. The air was thick with the smell of the new catch and the dock was wet and black with cuttlefish ink…but it was interesting to look at the hectic scene and know that it is … Continue reading