Manipal: Nexus of Learning

Our last week in Manipal I wanted to explore some of the particularly “educational” aspects of campus…what does that mean? Well that means that I explored the “Manipal University Stimulation Centre” and the Manipal Anatomy and Pathology Museum (MAP). Both were excellent. Below are some pictures. *I warn those with a queasy stomach now, the … Continue reading

Hiriyadka Water Treatment Plant: Water, Water Everywhere

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink…that is until it is purified at the Hiriyadka Water Treatment Plant. This field visit we toured the local water treatment plant and learned about the purified water in the region. This plant provides water to Manipal and half of the Udupi district. The water is drawn … Continue reading

Ooty: A Hill Station Retreat

After crossing the border, we found ourselves in Tamil Nadu and the Tiger Wildlife Reserve. We didn’t spot any tigers but nature, buffalo, deer and monkeys were aplenty. We wound our way up through the 30+ hairpin turns in the Nilgiri Hills (The Blue Hills – named because they reside within the clouds which give … Continue reading

Bangalore: Culture Hidden Among Modernization

We departed Friday night from Udupi on an overnight train that took us straight to Bangalore – it was my first experience on a sleeper train (class: 3 AC) and it was rather comfortable (though the top bunk stinks!). We had blankets and pillows provided and before I knew it we were waking up and … Continue reading

Ganesh Chaturthi and Kapu Beach: Midweek Exploration

Last Wednesday was Ganesh’s Birthday, aka there were Sri Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations everywhere! We were given Wednesday off – though some people celebrated the birthday for the entire week. There were parades all through the streets with terracotta and clay statues dotting Manipal. These statues were on display for a few days while people went … Continue reading

Jog Falls and Murudeshwara: The Wonders of Water

This past weekend most of our group headed over to Jog Falls – but this isn’t a trip to be taken lightly. First things first, we needed to figure out how to get there. We decided the best way to do it, really the only good way, was to hire a driver. How to get … Continue reading

Namma Bhoomi: A Small NGO with Big Plans

Last weekend we went to the NGO Namma Bhoomi. Literally meaning “Our Land,” this small organization in Karnataka is doing big things for the employment prospects of hundreds in the state. Based on education and offering equal opportunities for boys and girls, this NGO teaches “life skills” in addition to academic courses to boys and … Continue reading

Here we go!

Hi Ya’ll! I’m finally in India (plane from Mumbai to Mangalore pictured above) and I like to think I’m somewhat settled. ALSO, great news – 1 charge convertor, 1 Malaysia power strip, 1 universal adapter (with fuse), 1 universal adapter (without fuse) and 1 visit from the electrician, 3 fixed outlets, and 1 new friend … Continue reading

Water is Life.

Today while giving my nearly three year old nephew a bath I realized I hadn’t had a bath in years. Later that night I found myself settling in with The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz and ironically reading a chapter that dealt with water – drip irrigation in Pakistan and India. I reflected on how … Continue reading