Varkala: Paradise by the Arabian Sea

After spending a great day in Fort Kochi we were on our way down the coast of Kerala to Varkala. We were staying at Akhil Beach Resort…and it was gorgeous and even had a pool!! There were so many tourists in Varkala I was able to wear a bikini bathing suit for my first time in India! We arrived late and just settled in for the night. The next day we woke up early to breakfast in the pavilion…today was the day we were going to take a canoe tour of the Keralan Backwaters!

The trip took about half the day but we were able to hop out of the boat and see lots of sights along the way. We saw papaya, coconuts, ginger, hot peppers, bitter fruit, cashew trees, the kingfisher birds, tapioca, vanilla, pineapples and even more. We stopped and enjoyed a delicious cup of chai, saw rope being made from coconut fibers, and stopped by the prawns pools to see a pineapple plant.

Cruising the backwaters of Kerala in our canoe, the waters were as still as glass.

A Prawns nursery. Very popular in southern India, prawns are raised in these pools and the blue nets are there to keep birds from swooping down and snatching them up!

After a successful (and hot) morning in the canoe, we were ready to go back and rest by the pool…but our director insisted that we go and see the “town.” I thought it was going to be just like a regular shopping center, but instead we took a small path to the town on the cliffs and went shopping as the sun set on the coast.

Sunset over the water. The waters of Varkala are said to have healing powers. A dip in the holy waters at this beach are believed to purge the body of impurities and the soul of all sins.

We ran down to the beach and hopped in the Arabian Sea to enjoy the cool and refreshing water. Afterwards we headed back to our rooms to take some time to clean up, then some of the group met for cocktails on the coast (since the town attracts many foreign travelers) and we met our director and went out for dinner.

Stores and restaurants on the coast. We were visiting at the very beginning of tourist season.

I was able to pick the fish that I wanted to have for dinner, and I had some delicious barracuda and tried some perfectly cooked king prawns!

Yummy barracuda for dinner…with some sort of soft garlic-y coating

The next day we had time to relax and most of the group elected to take an Indian cooking class. I chose to take some time to relax and read Game of Thrones by the pool, and I also went shopping along the shore. Varkala is one of those places you could get lost and just enjoy the fresh ocean air. Too soon our journey was over. It was time to bid farwell and take a 14 hour train back along the coast from Varkala to Mangalore.

If you look at the map, down at the bottom by KOLLAM you can see a small red star and Varkala. Then at the very top of the map you can see MANGALORE. Manipal is slightly north of Mangalore. You can also spot ERNAKULAM and right next to it is Kochi!

One Response to “Varkala: Paradise by the Arabian Sea”
  1. Jesse says:

    went to Kerala last year..its a beautiful place 🙂

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