Manipal and a Trip to Mangalore and Udupi

Here’s a little bit of an update on this past week! We had our first week of classes, and its nice to get into a rhythm again… Can something be more fun than class?! We went to Fun Fest this week to check that hypothesis. “Fun Fest” was organized by students to keep the culture … Continue reading

Only the Beginning

I was overwhelmed at first. I am not too proud to admit that…and through my first few weeks, filled to the brim, I have encountered enough cultural nuances and subtleties to write a blog…oh wait. Below I’ve listed some of the main observations that I’ve encountered. The University is gorgeous. When I say that I … Continue reading

Mysore: City of Palaces

Well, this past weekend most of the girls in our group (7 of 9) all took a spontaneous trip to Mysore. Now, when I usually say “spontaneous” or “impromptu” I mean that it was about 3 pm on Friday when we had a group “planning session.” Here we decided to take a trip that coming … Continue reading

An Orientation

After about half the flight I found myself in Amsterdam! Layover time! There I enjoyed some delicious Poffertjes…nice warm breakfast during the layover! They tasted delicious, I’d eat them all the time but perhaps its the best thing for breakfast every day…They are mini-pancakes, that tasted just like mini-funnel cakes… Then it was back on … Continue reading

Here we go!

Hi Ya’ll! I’m finally in India (plane from Mumbai to Mangalore pictured above) and I like to think I’m somewhat settled. ALSO, great news – 1 charge convertor, 1 Malaysia power strip, 1 universal adapter (with fuse), 1 universal adapter (without fuse) and 1 visit from the electrician, 3 fixed outlets, and 1 new friend … Continue reading

The Butterflies

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to