Water is Life.

Today while giving my nearly three year old nephew a bath I realized I hadn’t had a bath in years. Later that night I found myself settling in with The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz and ironically reading a chapter that dealt with water – drip irrigation in Pakistan and India.

I reflected on how simple access to these technologies, provided within the market to the poor had the power to accentuate latent entrepreneurship and bring farmers out of poverty, provide income security, educate children and provide generations of change.

I read the line “water is life” and while sitting in my tub of water I mentally prepped myself for the coming months. I thought about how fortunate I am in the States – to not have to worry about water – and how things would change in India.

  • EXPECTED: Less sanitation and clean water, making sure water is filtered/bottled before I drink it, way more hand sanitizer use, short showers, turning the water on & off (in order to not waste any water), and shaving my legs outside of the shower (depending on packing space, I’ll losing the luxury of shaving cream).

While I am excited to go, I sure will miss these showers and baths! With those hot days I’d better make sure I bring powerful deodorant & body spray. From what I’ve read, I won’t be prepared for India’s aroma until I’ve been there!


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